Clean Key
Keeping you safe from germs & diseases
  1. Sustainable Packaging
    FSC certified
    100% recyclable, without glue/ tape
    Printed in Hong Kong with soy/ vegetable ink
  2. Customization As a corporate gift
    Company logo engraving on Clean Key
    Company logo can be printed on packaging


Long-lasting Antimicrobial Protection

Using technology developed in the Netherlands, an Agion antibacterial agent is directly mixed into the polycarbonate during production

As a result, the Clean Key's ability to inhibit microorganism growth is long-lasting and does not wear off like regular antimicrobial coatings do.

Press buttons

Pull door handles

Touch screens

From ATMs, elevator buttons, toilet handles and more, the Clean Key reduces your point of contact in your daily activities.
1% for the Planet
We commit to giving 1% of gross sales each year to the approved nonprofit partners through a variety of support. 

Made with Recycled Plastic

Made with a mixture of original material and recycled plastic granulates, the Clean Key complies with environmental protection policies.

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